Get to Know Bernard

Bernard is an experienced Operations Manager with a passion for building lasting relationships with our clients, and developing the recruitment team. He’s spent over 12 years at Complete Recruitment Solutions and has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the fast-paced world of recruitment.

Bernard's approach is centered around getting to know our clients' businesses inside and out, so that he can provide them with the best possible service. He believes that building strong relationships with our clients is the key to long-term success and he’s always looking for new ways to add value to their business.

In addition to his client-facing work, Bernard is also passionate about developing his team. He believes that professional development is the key to building a high-performing team. Bernard is an excellent communicator and is always available to offer guidance and support to his team members.

“Recruitment is about understanding, trust, and communication. With these in place, we’re able to deep-dive into the inner workings of a business and provide them with recruitment solutions that will add immense value. At the same time, sourcing amazing candidates and providing them with unique opportunities, and the next steps in their careers, can be a game-changer for everyone involved. That is a privileged position to be in.”

Bernard can produce a dad joke about any given topic on demand and enjoys sharing random facts in staff meetings that makes the team forget what they were originally discussing.

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