Get to Know Brittney

Brittney is our highly-valued Compliance Coordinator at Complete Recruitment Solutions, with an impressive tenure of over six years in the company. Her work is characterised by a calm, measured, and methodical approach, coupled with an exceptional memory that is second to none. Brittney is a master at conducting WHS inspections and keeping the team abreast of the latest industry developments and requirements.

In addition to her compliance duties, Brittney is also the go-to IT guru in the office and is always ready to solve any technical issue. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and technical expertise are invaluable assets to the company.

“Everyday is different in recruitment, it keeps you on your toes and I love a challenge.“

Brittney is a proud mother of two beautiful children, and she loves to spend quality time with them outside of work. When not in the office, she enjoys exploring new places and trying out new cuisines.

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