Get to Know Sandra

Sandra is a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Complete Recruitment Solutions since starting in 2017, with many years of experience in the recruitment industry. She shifted to the industry 1997 after working as a Warehouse Manager in Transport and Logistics. This background has provided her with a solid knowledge of her clients needs with hands-on experience. Sandra thrives when onboarding new clients and finding perfect fits for hard-to-fill roles. She loves meeting all kinds of people with unique stories to tell.

Sandra is a hardworking, loyal, and attentive listener. She's also generous, charitable, and loves to pull off a practical joke in the office.

“My role allows me to work with compassion and truly understand people, everyone has their own story to tell”

When she's not working, you can find her up the coast swimming, surfing, or renovating her holiday home. Sandra is a pro with power tools and can paint a house in a weekend or restore a roof. She enjoys reading, waking up early, and spending time with her loved ones.

Sandra (8)

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