Blog Post - Researching company culture when job hunting


As a recruitment organisation, we understand the importance of workplace culture and its impact on employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall success. Recent research supports that a healthy company culture ranks high on job-seekers ‘must have’ list. According to a 2021 global culture survey of 3,200 leaders and employees, 66% of Australian respondents said culture is more important than strategy or operations in a workplace. 

In this month's blog post, we explore effective strategies you can use to unveil the hidden dynamics of a potential workplace culture.


Undertake a deep Google search

Start by exploring the website, social media profiles and mission/ value statements of the potential workplace. While this is only the ‘face’ that the organisation chooses to portray to the public, it will still give you valuable information on what the company is involved in and their values. Do they support any local charities or fundraisers? Do they sponsor community events? Have they posted images of their staff completing team-building activities? Do they have any information on their diversity and inclusion efforts? The content an organisation chooses to publish will assist you in beginning to build an image of what the organisation is like (or endeavours to be like) on the inside. 


Company reviews 

Websites like SEEK, Glassdoor and Indeed often feature employee reviews that shed light on the internal workings of a company. While individual experiences may vary, identifying common themes in reviews can offer a more comprehensive understanding of the workplace culture. Remember, even the best organisations receive bad reviews occasionally. Be sure to take any negative reviews on board, but don't let one bad review taint your entire opinion of the company. 


Reach out to your network 

Networking is a powerful tool when it comes to understanding a company's culture. You can reach out to former employees through professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. Ask about their experiences, the work environment, and any challenges they faced. Honest feedback from individuals who have been on the inside can provide invaluable insights. If you have mutual connections with people in the organisation, ask them to assist you in connecting with current staff for information and guidance. 


Attend networking events & industry conferences 

If the timing is right, you may find a networking event to attend where members of the organisation will also be in attendance, especially if you are job-seeking in the same industry. This is a great way to meet individuals who work at the company and discover more about the challenges of their business and the direction the company is going in. 


Interview the interviewer 

Job interviews are not only an opportunity for employers to assess candidates, but also an opportunity for candidates to evaluate potential employers. Take advantage of the interview process to ask insightful questions about the organisation's culture. Inquire about team dynamics, communication styles, challenges within the business and how they support employee growth, development and well-being. 


Asses the physical environment

If your interview is in person, pay attention to the physical workspace. The layout, office design, and overall atmosphere can offer clues about the company's values and priorities. For example, an open and collaborative workspace may suggest a focus on teamwork. Take note if the workplace appears run down, messy or disorganised.

Another excellent indicator of company culture is how you are greeted by staff when you arrive for the interview. A warm and friendly greeting from the receptionist or a staff member can be a strong indication that employees are happy to be there and happy to see a potential new team member. 


Ask your Recruitment Consultant

If you are job-seeking through a recruitment organisation, you have the perfect third party who can give you valuable insight into the culture of the company. The aim of a Recruitment Consultant is not just to fill a position, but to find the perfect, long-term match between employer and employee. 



In the competitive world of job hunting, understanding a potential workplace culture is essential for candidates. Using a multi-faceted approach, including online research, networking, and thoughtful questioning during interviews, can ensure individuals gain valuable insights into the dynamics of a potential workplace. At Complete Recruitment Solutions, our commitment is not just to fill positions but to create lasting and successful partnerships between employers and candidates, where both parties thrive in a positive and supportive work environment.