Employee of the Month - October 2023

Congratulations Julie, winner of our Employee of the Month award for October 2023 ūüŹÜ

When nominating Julie, our client stated 'I want to confirm that I am very happy with Julie's performance.

I've thrown a range of different data entry tasks at her and, due to necessity, had her chop and change between tasks to address pressing needs. She's picked up everything I've thrown at her, quickly and with
good humour, which is not always easy when the pressure is on. She's attentive to detail, works at a fast pace, and her work has been accurate and consistent from the outset. Her evaluations, checking and questions are sensible and add value. She also has a great attitude with respect to wanting to learn new things and apply them and has been open to adjusting her methodology when new ideas or approaches are presented.

It would be great if she were to get recognition for her efforts as employee of the month'

Congratulations Julie, it is our pleasure to recognise your excellent work with this months award